The Hoth – White Label SEO

Do you know about the story of the Hoth and I?

If you want to see how got my Hoth tattoo you can read the story here

Anyway we will have to catch up sometime if you want to find out more.

As you know the Hoth do a white label SEO service but you can also buy the services for yourself. I am putting one of my sites in the Hoth Platinum package today. It currently doesn’t rank anywhere for one of the key phrases so let’s see what happens.

If you want to visit The Hoth then click hereĀ 

While I was booking the package on the Hoth, I thought I hadn’t really done much else to that site. As I don’t want to be in danger of over optimisation I set a Money Robot task to run on it (1>3>12 diagram)

Oh and I nearly forgot. You can see the tattoo being applied on the video below.


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