Money Robot Submitter Review 2017

My experience of money robot submitter.

The chances are you are looking for a money robot submitter review or maybe you are looking to see if it is any good…oooor you could be randomly on here for some other reason. Anyway I digress.

Yes I use money robot for some projects. It is difficult to know how much to disclose on here in case the spys are watching. Well lets say a lot of people use this software.

Why would you buy Money Robot Submitter?

The world of SEO is full of misinformation and ego. In my experience SEO is all about testing and tweaking. I don’t looking to do anything black hat, however according to Google’s terms and conditions anything you do to improve your rankings is naughty.

As there are a few potential ways of getting higher rankings, sometimes it is a good insurance policy to create a “bed” of links. But not completely spammy links, ones that are from high authority websites and that are related in some way to your website.

This is where Money Robot Submitter comes in. You can create content that is related to your niche, and at the click of a button. Then you can place this content on some high authority websites with backlinks back to your website to try and help your, or your  clients, website rankings.

Whilst this should be used in conjuction with other SEO methods, sometimes it came rank certain web properties all by itself.

How does it work?

I will record a demonstration at some point. In fact if you have a specific question, leave it in the comments and I will record one for you. First you have to buy the software.

Click here to get Money Robot Today

Then decided if you want to use your own computer, or even better use the virtual server option. This means that you can have the software running constantly without impacting your own internet service. I am lucky enough to have access to a 24 hour system so its like a virtual server.

Once installed you just fire it up, click a few buttons… and that’s it!

Is Money Robot Submitter good?

It depends who you ask. I have a friend that loves it and swears by it. I have noticed some impact and wont give it up as I am probably not using it often enough.

What about Money Robot link building alternatives?

There are quite a few link building software packages on the market at the moment, each with their unique approach and options available. I was bought up on Magic Submitter. I felt the software was awesome but as I was manually creating the articles and spinning them too it took ages to create a campaign.

Money Robot Vs Senuke Vx GSA

I have heard that SE Nuke is pretty amazing but quite expensive ( I haven’t double checked that today but will update it not) plus it is quite complicated to get going with it. Having not used GSA ranker I can’t comment but I will definitely be looking to purchase it soon.

The things I love about Money Robot is the ease at which the campaigns can be set up. No content creation, No complicated diagrams. (in fact the owner shares some of the best ones in the Facebook group) You can easily get a campaign up an running in just a few minutes. Whilst there isn’t a discount code at the moment you can get a 7 day Money Robot free trial. Just click the link below and check it out.

Money Robot Submitter

If you have any questions about Money Robot, please first check with the support desk. Of course if it is something else that I might be able to help with then leave a comment below.


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