what are you struggling with ?


Today is my first day back at work in my home office

for 2014.

I went away to London for the near year and one of the
things we did was see the fireworks at midnight.

It was spectacular…

If you ever get a chance to go there to se it do it, it’s

What wasn’t quite as much fun was trying to get out of the
city on foot with about 2 million other people around
you 🙂

It was a great couple of days but now I’m back home getting
stuck into some more work.

It’s now the start of 2014 and I hope you have done what
I said for you to do the other day and that is to write
down some of the things you wish to achieve in 2014.

Believe me, writing things down is very powerful, I have
been doing it in my business for 2 years. It really
does work to help you to focus on your goals and targets.

So what I wanted to do was see what you are struggling

So c’mon what are you struggling with and what is holding
you back?

If there is any particular training that you would like
me to create for you let me know.

All you need to do is either "reply" to this email or
send me an email at wing24@hotmail.co.uk

So…. have a think what you need help with or what you
are struggling with the most and let me know.

And please be specific.

The more specific the better 🙂

Talk soon


PS: I do this ever year with my subscribers and customers.
This is your chance to personally tell me what you are
struggling with and what is holding you back and I will do
my best to help you.

PPS: And yes I do personally read every single email 🙂

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