US Govt. goes after Google [And how you can profit]

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Dear VIP,
You might’ve heard how the US Govt. went after Google
recently (talk about the corrupt accusing the corrupt lol!).

The congress basically said that Google was clearly
manipulating results to give themselves and advantage
and making mony off of their naive users.

But the little secret is that YOU, Name, can
profit off of this massively!

How to profit from Google’s manipulation:

Using this little known underground software, you can
basically get Google back and use their manipulation
against them!

Instead of being another little blip on their servers
making them money, you instead turn around and force
massive traffic and money into your accounts – all
by using this awesome software!

Let me know once you’re up and running 😉

To our success,
– Henry C.


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    maryjane January 13, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    i’m interested in the software but the link is down. where can i learn more?

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