The Journey Day 1

Hiya, Its Real-Review Andy here.

I haven’t used this to post before but I’m going to start now.


I want to keep track.

Some personal events in my life have meant that I’m looking for somewhere to live. I have the grand total of £1471 ($1872) to pay for moving in costs… and a car!

Now you could well be thinking. Why am I reading about this guy? He seems worse at Internet Marketing than I am.

I might be, I might not be. Who knows? Who cares?

We only know that you are reading this. My aim is to help people like me. By like me I mean are a bit broken in someway, who never give up, who are realistic and more importantly don’t believe their own bull.

I know about Internet Marketing. I was a better teacher than implementor. But now I’ve realised that today is the day; the hour, the minute, the second, is now.

So I’ve taken £154 to buy a website. This is blog will document my IM activity from now on.

It’s not a rags to riches story.

It’s a rags to reality one.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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