Instant Copy 50% off – New Testimonial, Offer Ends Tomorrow.

Instant Copy is the best selling WSO product on copywriting ever sold. It has sold close to 4000 copies at the time of writing.

But, right now, it’s closed. I closed it after the special offer.

However, it’s the one offer that people have mentioned time and time again – and asked if I’d bring back.

I think copy is VERY important.

From email, to adverts, sales letters to tweets, updates and video titles.
Everyone from Don Wilson, Ben Adkins, Anthony Aires, Paul Clifford to Brad Gosse and more are owners of Instant Copy.

So – for this weekend, there is 50% off.

However, I’ve made this a ‘dimesale’ meaning the discount reduces with each sale – returning Instant Copy to full price eventually.

The key is to act quickly. Visit the sales page – check out the mountains of feedback and testimonials and get on board.

Have a great weekend,


PS – Copy is one of those fundamentals everyone needs to learn, regardless of niche – with Instant Copy it is VERY easy and my Suziki method can have you up and running the same day.


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