do you have 14 minutes and 25 seconds?

do you have 14 minutes and 25 seconds? 

If you do, I want you to see an interview (He landed $8500 in local deals, in under 30 days):

Click here to meet Jeremy 

Were you on the live training call yesterday? Did you get the replay e-mail from last night? 

I hope you went through and took all the notes that you could, because everything comes down tomorrow
at midnight. 

Remember that cool software that we showed you? Some of you were asking for a payment option, so I went
ahead and asked Jeff if he would give you guys a payment plan. 

Well, he did and you can get that when you click here

36 hours, it all comes down. 

I’ll remind you guys later 🙂 

Remember, to raise your prices, and start charging what you are worth folks, no matter what it is that you do this
year, you need to raise your prices! You need a sales system in place. 

The week is almost half over, hope you’re out there making moves, finish it strong! 

Always got your back,
Robert and RyMac
DareDevil Marketing

P.S. For people who didn’t want to watch the whole training again, but just see the software demo, you can do so by
clicking here 

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