1.4 Billion!?

Let’s look at some real proof…

There were over 1.4 BILLION people using
a mobile to browse the internet last year.

Who knows the number it’ll be in 2014…

Well… actually, we do (really) know.

This figure is set to go through the roof
and be even BIGGER.

If there was one trend that was set to 

continue going strong this year and into next… 

It’s that smart website owners are making
sure  that their websites are mobile and 
tablet friendly.

Because if their websites are NOT mobile friendly…

Bye Bye visitors. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

That’s on your blog, website, squeeze
 pages and sales letters. Anywhere where
 prospects can land on.

See a demo on how you can change this for YOUR websites

At home on the sofa watching TV… 
on the ride home from work… 
on lunch breaks in the park…

What do we do as consumers in our free
 time? We BROWSE!

And we do this most often on our tablets and mobiles.

Actually, you may even be doing it right now…

And if this email (or website) was to load 
slowly, you’d be off this in an instant too. 

That’s just the way we behave now. When 
we want information, we want it quick, easy
and very user friendly.

And if your website DOESN’T do this…

That’s money that’s getting left on the table 
there for your competitors to come in and 
snatch from right under your nose.

And there’s no point blaming anyone – 
we have to blame ourselves for not taking 
action and converting these sites.

So be ahead of the game… 

Convert to Mobile, Keep Up With the Competition

I’ve personally been looking for a solution 
myself, and it was LITERALLY right under my nose..

One of my tech guys has created 
something really special and teamed up
 with some savvy internet marketers to 
create a tool so powerful you’ll reap in the
extra benefits  for your sites almost immediately…

It takes a lot to impress me. But this sure did.

Alex “Converting” Jeffreys

P.S. Just so you know. I’ve grabbed this 
myself, and have handed it to my team to
 sort out ALL my websites… With just a few 
clicks of the mouse we’ll be good to go!

Grab it Here

Marketing With You, 7477 W.Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 170, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128, USA

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