you don’t have damn divisions, stop it.

A huge problem that I see:

You are trying to provide EVERY service under the sun, instead of focusing in on just one or maybe two. 

Think about it: 

How many of you currently offer reputation management, seo, social media management, mobile websites, press release services, etc etc etc etc.?

Does this describe you? 

I bet you are having trouble juggling that business from home, eh?
Look, in order to provide so many different services, you ultimately need
“divisions” in your company.
If it is just you trying to build a nice solid six figure business….

….you don’t have damn divisions, so stop it. 

You really need to focus in on providing ONE service and just getting known for that ONE thing (maybe 2).
It will help you identify your business with potential clients as well. 

“what do you do for a living?” …

“well I own a company that does a, b , c , d , e , f and G!” 


“I do web design for lawyers” 

Which one of those is easier to identify with? Which one of those seems easier to run and maintain? 

Clean out the closet and drop those useless “services” you have in your “tool case” and just DO ONE THING.. 

Need a thing to do? That can be fully automated? Thing that you may already do, and undercharge for? Then..

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