why your BRAINS can’t take it anymore (super value)

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You need to SEE this email – seriously, read it right

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From: Peter Garety <support@pghelpdesk.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 3:59 AM
Subject: why your BRAINS can’t take it anymore

If you want to succeed and achieve things like –
a bank account with enough money to retire for
life, a perfect health and all of those other good

…you need to read every word of this email.

You see, your BRAINS play a very tricky game
with you and the sad thing is that most people
never realize the existence of it.

They don’t know that there are 2 LEVELS of
that happens in your head at
the same time.

And if you don’t get a control of both of those
you will always fail.

I knew this long ago, but this morning I was
reading an article on Entrepreneur that says
that setting a short-term, easy to achieve,
goals is VITAL for your BRAINS.

It turns out that if you set a goal that you
can quickly achieve, each time you achieve
it, your brain releases a chemical called –

And when dopamine flows into the brain’s
reward pathway (the part responsible for
pleasure, learning and motivation)…

…you not only feel greater concentration
but are inspired to re-experience the activity
that caused the chemical release in the first

It is a success DRUG that makes you
stronger and stronger
until you simply can’t
live without it…

…and in that moment you will start to
succeed on a daily basis, which will get
everything you want in life.

So, what I want to encourage you to do
right now is start to succeed this week.

And the perfect way to do so is by setting
up a very small goal – like – getting 100
real people to LIKE your FB page, so you
can achieve your ULTIMATE social
authority online.

Can you do it?

Schedule 7 high value posts to get 100
likes, so you get the DOPAMINE going
into your brains.

Start right now.

This drug is ADDICTIVE and you will
want to experience it over and over

Let’s get it going now – grab Social
Authority Designer package and
schedule 7 posts right away.

It will take you just 15 minutes
to do.

Click here to start now

(you need to get this DRUG in your
brains now)

To your addiction to success,
– Peter

P.S. Take a piece of paper and write
this down:

“This week I got 100 real people likes
to my Facebook page to grow my social
authority. I am proud of this success!”

Print it out and put it on your desk!

Do it now!!!




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