What are you worth?

What are you worth? 

RyMac here and I hope yesterday everybody got to read Robert’s e-mail yesterday,
it was a good.

If you missed it, after you read this one, go ahead and check it out.


Because it got me PUMPED, so I know it will you. I am not just saying that to say
that, it really did get me pumped up. 

So much so that I COLD WALKED INTO 3 businesses yesterday, two of which were franchises..
I was just looking for some trouble! Or money.  

Literally I was out running errands, I saw the e-mail, I was like you know what?

I haven’t just cold walked into anywhere around here before, hell I hadn’t made a cold call in over a year!!! 

I had to get back to the basics. 

I had to get back to what I was good at, which is getting people to like me, and then monetizing that relationship. 

That’s what it boils down to is that (for me anyways).

I have been so focused on a “higher level” and “strategic business moves”, that sometimes I
forget what it is … or “where” it is I came from, right? 

Anyways, I wanted you to ask your self this question… or rather answer this question from me right now in your head:

“What are you worth?” 

That may be a tough question to answer, let me try it this way:

“I want a 5 page web site for my contracting business, how much do you charge?”

……. got the number in your head….

If you said anything less than $3,000.00 then you REALLY don’t know what you are worth.  

I won’t quote anything less than 5 figures for a web site. Because I KNOW what I am worth. 

2014 I want you to really focus in on what you are worth, and start charging it. 

If you are looking for some help on how to charge what you are worth when it comes to Web Design and
tools to boot then you will want to join us this Tuesday afternoon: 

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Always got your back,
Robert and RyMac
DareDevil Marketing 

4840 Forest Dr. Ste. 6b-141 , 29206, Columbia, United States
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