What Are Money Robot Link Building Alternatives?

There are a few different options when it comes to link building software, each with their own unique features.

First of all let’s look at

Money Robot Vs Magic Submitter

They both create backlinks for your websites. I would say that having used Magic Submitter before it can create a wider variety of link types which could be useful in ranking. It might have been the way I was using it before but I felt setting up the software was a lot more difficult using Magic Submitter when compared with Money Robot.

The price is very similar if you are going for the monthly option. You do get a longer trial period with Magic Submitter. A whole month for just $4.95 where Money Robot is a completely free 7 day trial. The big savings are if you go for the lifetime deal.

Get Magic Submitter here

Get Money Robot Submitter here

Money Robot Vs GSA

GSA Website submitter looks more like a directory submission software. I haven’t used it myself but I have heard you can get some great results with it. There isn’t a free trial offer and the costs start from just $39 a month which is nearly half the price of the Money Robot but with a much more limited range of websites to submit to.

Money Robot Vs SeNuke

SeNuke is now SeNUke TNG. Not sure when that happened. I never got to try SeNuke as it was so expensive and out of the 4 link building software it still is. The website looks very comprehensive and could be worth the price. However depending where you are with your link building activities, you might not want to start with this kind of investment. Don’t get me wrong they do offer something cheaper than the $147 a month option but I’m not sure what the lower price actually gives you.


Weighing up the balance of service and price it has to be either Magic Submitter or Money Robot Submitter. I have used both and found results with both of them but find Money Robot to be much easier to use.

So if you want to get one of these please use the links below

Get Magic Submitter here

Get Money Robot Submitter here


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