we decided whether or not we’d send out a replay of today’s training

We decided whether or not we’d send out a replay of today’s training.

It took Ryan and I about 3 minutes to decide that we’d send it out. 

But we almost didn’t. And when you see it, you’ll know why.

We could have easily sold this training as a full product.

But when you’re furiously scribbling down notes from all the AH HA! golden nugget moments, you’ll see why we decided not to. 

As a DareDevil Marketer, you need this life-changing information.

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Take notes. Remove all distractions. This is as real as it gets.

You already know that you should be outsourcing the day-to-day work in your business. But odds are, you haven’t yet taken the leap because you’re worried about how to do it right. 

Stop worrying. We laid it all out for you:

– Quickest & cheapest outsourcing secrets to find and hire talented overseas help the first time you try.

– A step-by-step hiring blueprint that makes the entire process a breeze (just follow the steps)

– How to make sure your hired employees are doing the work as good – or BETTER – than you ever could. Giving you time and freedom.

– The 3 pitfalls you HAVE to avoid to make sure you never fall into the “revolving door” hiring trap.

– The step-by-step job posting template that attracts only the best candidates right away

– The 2 “magic questions” that immediately separate the best candidates for you from the rest.

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