Want to Party With the Stars?


That’s 2 major Award shows ticked off 
the List… Oscars…Check, 
Grammys… Check

What an experience walking 
down the red carpet with Alicia Keys

Anyway I spend most of last week 
down the west coast of America

I attended a Traffic and Conversion
Seminar in San Diego…

and that’s the main reason I’m sending 
you this training today.

After attending this seminar I realised
how many people haven’t got a list  or
are not making money from the one they
have and 
that’s why this training is more
now than it’s ever been! I wanted
to fire this 
straight over to you guys. 

I’ll be taking you through a step by step
journey showing you exactly: 

* How to build a HIGHLY Targeted, 
  Responsive list – FAST

* How to automate the list building
  process so you see the sign ups roll
   in all day, every day..

* The one thing you absolutely MUST do 
  to ensure you build the ‘right’ list

* How to build a list of hungry 
  subscribers who are desperate to buy
   from you

* Step by step methods you can use TODAY

This is your time to create that final 
missing piece that will accelerate your 
business to success.

Click here to grab the training before
it’s to late. 

The thing is that my whole trip was
paid by the list I have…

Well to be honest my list pays 
for a lot of things and always has. 

I’ll explain how you can get a list 
and start making money from it 
right here in this training Video 

Well I’m about to board the plane back to
the UK, I’ll let you guys know how the 
after parties went after I land/recover.

speak tomorrow

Alex ‘Love my List’ Jeffreys

Marketing With You, 7477 W.Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 170, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128, USA

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