three damn things

Three Damn Things:

Damn thing #1:

Ryan sent me something late last night that – after a quick glance – made me get back up out of bed and stay up until 5 am studying. 

We’ll keep you guys in the loop via email on this, but this is crazy awesome stuff. 

Watch out for an email about this. Do NOT miss it.

Damn thing #2:

Our support has SUCKED lately. 

Ryan and I had no idea why and had to investigate this exhaustively over the last 2 weeks of the year. 

We found two culprits: one of which was the support platform we were using. 

To put it bluntly, balls were dropped. We apologize profusely, as we honestly thought everything was running smoothly. 

I’m personally going to spearhead a new solution (and hiring new support staff) so this never, EVER happens again. 

Please remember that support questions don’t belong in this Facebook group. 

Send them to

Any posts or comments related to support in the groups will get deleted immediately.

Damn thing #3:

Make 2014 your year to make your life what you want it to be. 

No excuses. This isn’t a worthless platitude…this is a wake up call. 


You have a wall in front of you? Break it the F*** down! 

Ryan and I have told our stories of the bullshit we had to overcome time and time again. 

In 2004 when I started, I was so broke that if I had $5 in my pocket, I spent $3.50 to get a cheap bag of dog food for my dog and used the rest to get three 49 cent tacos from Taco Bell for me.

And that was what I ate for the entire day. 

Ryan took the leap of faith with 3 kids and one on the way. Talk about stressful! 

Look, everyone has adversity…if entrepreneurship was always easy, everyone would be a goddamn CEO. 

But it’s not. You have to sack up and make things happen for you. 

We’ll help you…that’s what we founded DareDevil Marketing to do (Lord knows, we both make way more money outside of DareDevil Marketing…we do it because we love it). 

But you have to decide…right here, right now….to make 2014 the biggest, baddest year you’ve ever had, period.

Looking forward to kicking 2014 in it’s teeth with you!

Always got your back,
Robert & RyMac
DareDevil Marketing

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