The Most painful 2hrs and 40 mins ever…


It’s Tuesday morning here in the uk and I’m back in my
office sipping my morning coffee writing you this email…

I have something crazy that I have done which I want to
tell you about..

Plus a Very important lesson to be learned.

I’ve been away for the last few days as I took part in a
bit of a crazy challenge.

In case you don’t know me that well then I have always
enjoyed keeping fit and going to the gym.

But doing all that stuff can be boring if you don’t do one

Constantly trying to push your limits.

As the great man himself Bruce Lee once said:

"Have no limitation as Limitation"

It’s so damn true.

I have always tried to stick to this.

And this is what I did on Sunday.

I pushed myself physically and mentally than ever before.

I took part in an event which is held only once per year
which is about a 4 hour drive from my home.

It’s called Tough Guy.

And it certainly lives up to it’s name.

I have been training really hard for the last 12 months
getting myself ready for the big day and getting my fitness
and conditioning levels up higher.

The Tough Guy course itself is a 15k ruthless and
painful obstacle course.

It is said to be to be the hardest obstacle course in

Not only is it the most physically demanding course I have
ever done but it was also the coldest I have ever been in
my life.

There was lots of water we had to wade, jump, walk and swim
through and being in the coldest time of the year it was pure

I was on the verge of hypothermia… Felt sick and dizzy
and did almost pass out.

…Not good.

Never felt that type of pain in my life and I have done
a lot of courses and challengers in the last 17 years since
serving in the armed forces for 6 of those etc.

The good news was I did finish.

I did have to crawl across the line though because in
the last mile of the course I got bad cramps in my legs
from the cold and could hardly walk.

There was no way I was going all that way and get that
far through that I was going to give up.

Hell no.

I still got a fairly good time though of 2 hours and 40 mins
and I finished 565th out of around 5000 that started so
not bad 🙂

I think around 1000 – 1500 didn’t even finish it.

Here is the link to the positions, I’m at 565th place:

So yes very very painful and my body is a mess but I’m
recovering 🙂

So any idea of the lesson you can take from this yourself
that you can apply in your Internet business?

And no it’s not to make sure you stand on the side line and
watch instead.

You need to keep pushing yourself.

You need to keep trying to test yourself and get out of
your comfort zone.

This is how I started online.

At first I was like "I want to get to $10 per day by
doing xyz

Then after I have hit that target I went for $25 per day
by doing xyz

The same when I have released wso’s.

At first I was like "I want to make 100 sales"

Then 6 months later one of my wso’s did 1300+ and over
500 sales in a 24 hour period.

I have now set the bench mark higher.

This is what you do.

Never stop pushing.

Even if you get to a point when you feel like giving up
because you simply feel like nothing is working you have
to keep going.

If you were to give up success could of been just around
the corner always remember that.

If you would like any help in your business then I am
currently opening up some more spaces for

"Business Strategy Sessions"

This is where me and you talk about your business, where
you are now and where you want to be.

You and I will take a look at your business, your biggest
business problems, your business goals, and possible
paths to your goals.

You’ll talk with someone who "gets it" and has actually
been where you are right now and knows what to do to succeed

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Talk soon

Paul "still trying to warm up" Nicholls

PS: Look out for another email from me over the next
couple of days where I have some more really cool free
training for you 🙂

Will tell you about it in the next email 🙂

PPS: Don’t forget to schedule your call here


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