the DareDevil is in the details

the DareDevil is in the details

If you’re not putting this into use, you’re missing out on a way to get clients on autopilot.

Thing is, you have to do it the right way or you’re just going to spin your wheels and get frustrated.

Take the next few minutes of your day to do these three things.

There’s only one caveat…you have to do this stuff TODAY because it all comes down forever in a few hours when the timer hits zero.

Step 1) Watch the video where an automatic call accidentally lands a $5,000 client. 

Our buddy Mark was making a demo video for his software (that he’s generously giving away for free…more on that below…and it “accidentally” landed him a $5,000 client as he was recording so you can see the entire process…really cool!

Step 2) Grab Prospecting Profit Pilot now, while it’s still available (it goes away forever in a few hours)

It’s at a very, VERY low price (way lower than anything even remotely like it) and the first client you grab with it will pay for it 2 to 10 times over.

Step 3) Make sure you watch the replay of Tuesday’s training. 

This also goes away forever in a few hours and this is where Mark gives away the no-gimmick details of how to get his awesome software for free. Plus, the training is no-holds-barred awesome and will teach you exactly how to use it to land client after client on autopilot.

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