My experience as a Money Robot Submitter affiliate

To be honest I haven’t been a Money Robot Submitter affiliate for that long. I have been using it for about six months now as a customer and I do like to dabble in affiliate marketing as you can guess.

I was speaking to a mentor the other day and he was thinking about getting Money Robot submitter upon which I suggested using my link to which he agreed. See that payment in there was a nice feeling so I thought I could help promote it and help people who buy through my link.

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How can I help you with Money Robot?

Hat’s off to Nick, the support he gives and the Facebook group are quite active and are willing to help. However sometimes you might just want some tips from someone who uses it quite a lot or anything else with SEO.

That reminds me, you even get some member shared diagrams that can be shared by the use of a code (so no having to share files) Anyway I digress about being an affiliate.

If you an experienced affiliate marketer or a beginner, it would be great to hear from you and maybe we could learn something from each other?

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