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SEO can be a right pain the the ass. Especially if you are just starting your journey or if you are like me have been around for a few years but not following the right plan.

But before I got into that anymore a disclaimer

WARNING: Any link building is in violation of Googles rules in regard to you must not manipulate the search engine rankings.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to link building. You have the “White Hat” group. These people believe that the only way to build links is to earn it by writing amazing content and then trying to get people to link to it naturally. Or you can forge relationships and get people to link to your content that way. I think that if you get this kind of link then fantastic. However some content just doesn’t lend to get links. For example if you make ladders you might have a hard time creating such amazing content that people just link to it naturally.

The darkside of link building is the “Blackhat”. Now this group is quite naughty and they are happy to do such things as hacking, or hardcore spamming etc. Some of their strategies do work in the short term but they are far too dangerous for my blood.

I know I said there were two schools of thought, I could have gone to change that but what the hey. The third area is the “grey hat” group. Grey hat is the term given to things that aren’t white hat but aren’t exactly the dark side.

Link building software is firmly in the grey hat area. Google doesn’t like automated link creation as it is spammy in nature. After all Google want great content and think that great content will attract links. This seems a bit of a chicken and egg situation. After all even if you had amazing content, how would anyone even read it if you weren’t ranking anywhere??

Plus while link building software might be automated, one could create the same links manually but it would take ages. I guess if your content is kinda helpful (like this I hope!) then it wouldn’t be any harm to use the software would it?

A bit like the Jedi force, one must only use it in the name of good!

Two of the best link builders are Magic Submitter and Money Robot Submitter if you want to try either of these out then, please use one of the links below

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