Leverage The Power Of ‘Groupon’ Marketing…

Firstly – please accept my apologies. Secondly – if you don’t sell or want to sell products (affiliate or your own) online – then this really isn’t for you…

For those who do want to sell products online….

This email is reaching you far later than it should do – so apologies there.
Today – the best WordPress Plugin I’ve seen in the last three months came out.

It’s called Scarcity Demon – and here is what it does:

It gets you more sales from your existing customer base.

How? Well, by leveraging the power of ‘Groupon’ style scarcity.

Here is how it works:

You add the plugin to your WordPress install then…

  • Choose how you want to track visitors – IP or Cookie – (I recommend cookie for mobile and IP for traditional desktop) 
  • Set up personalised countdown timers – this is where the gold is – because it means everyone experiences the scarcity
  • Set up a 5 minute countdown for a second chance offer – this gets you a ton of sales you would have never got before – without any more traffic.
Then all you do, is sit back and profit.
If you want to find out the full details – go here:

Refractive Media Limited, The Round Foundry Media Centre, Foundry Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS11 5QP, UNITED KINGDOM

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