Is SEO Dead?

Answer: No, not for you it isn’t… 

It’s no secret that Google have recently shut down
the Google Keywords tool.

“Alex, what do I do now to get to Page 1 of Google?”

“I can’t rank my sites anymore. Help!”

This is the kind of messages I’ve been getting since 
the end of last year when Google changed the way they 
ranked websites. 

But today, I have found you THE solution 

Now, if you know me, you’ll know I don’t spend a
lot of time on SEO, and I pull traffic from other 

But I also know too well that ranking your sites on
Google is HUGELY important to send traffic to blogs…

And don’t forget – blogging is where I started.

So if you know anything about the trends going into

…you’ll know that BLOGGING is going to be one of the 
(main) areas of ALL online marketing activities.

This is how I see it. And I’m not alone…

This brand new product WILL get you that all important
free traffic to your posts. Every post you make.

If you spend time blogging, then you deserve to see
traffic coming to them posts.

Well, here I have a WordPress plugin that gives you
instant SEO stats as you create a headline to your post!

So that you can choose the best Titles and Tags based on
competition, search trends and backlinks. 

And then watch the traffic come in…

…because you will know that those KEYWORDS will give you
the results based on the competition.

That’s extra traffic, for every post, for only $27

You do… I do… We all know…

That traffic is money.

1st page of Google is all yours. Enjoy the fame!

Alex Jeffreys

P.S. This is real traffic that you need (and deserve)

Marketing With You, 7477 W.Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 170, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128, USA

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