Important Question for You to Answer Inside

Statistics suggest that your probably 
reading this on some sort of mobile device/tablet…

So, my question is this. How would you like 
YOUR visitors to see YOUR website on THEIR mobiles… 

I personally would want fast loading times 
and easily accessible content. I would want 

74% of consumers will wait ONLY 5 
Seconds for a web page to load on their
device before abandoning the site 
(source Gomez) 

Match the speed of a desktop upload

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can 
convert all your websites so that they are 100%
user friendly on all mobile devices.

Quite important in business these days. I’ll tell you.

It’s a fact that over 60% of people will click 
away to another site if they don’t find what 
they’re looking for quickly and easily

Do NOT lose 60% of your customers

Simple example:

Your prospects are on Facebook, 
on Twitter, Google+, in their emails, 
browsing the web. 

They click on your link from a fully 
optimized mobile site expecting to 
carry on their browsing journey…

…then STOP. 

There appears in front of them, a slow
loading website with pictures and text all
over the page in no order. 

(This actually happens.)

That’s when you lose your customer. 
Traffic is money but there’s no need to 
go and spend thousands to re-designing
your site

Just convert your websites easily and cheaply

Save time and Money with a few simple clicks!

Alex Jeffreys

P.S. Keep up with technology keep up with your customer

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