Here Is How We Got 1000 Extra Views In A Snap

About 11 months ago… something interesting happened.
I was given a plugin, by a very well known marketer – that was supposed to radically increase the amount of social sharing that my site got.
For whatever reason, I decided to test it out on two of my client’s blogs. 
We installed the plugin – and sat back.
What I didn’t expect was that in a matter of days – we would be seeing MASSIVELY increased traffic.
You can find out more here:

Go here now:
This is a wordpress plugin btw, so there are no operating system Mac / PC issues. Here are the initial results we got for one of the clients – back during that initial trial.
Since then – things have really grown….
If you want to find out the complete details of Wookie – go here:

Go here now:

If it’s for you (you use WordPress blogs and want extra social signals and SEO traffic) – then send you receipt to Chris – for the next 24 hours we have the following bonuses:
1. The COMPLETE story of the blog above
2. Instant ‘On Demand’ Social Signals
3. My 2014 Instant Cash System
4. BREAKTHROUGH: How To Generate SEO Boosting Backlinks WITHOUT getting Google Slapped
5. Blogging Graphics Pack
In 24 hours – we will be closing this bonus pack – removing a few bonuses and moving on to Bonus pack 2. 

Go here now:

PS – Please, please please – if you are interested in traffic and social signals – don’t wait on this bonus pack. Each and every time I send something like this out, a lot of people who did want in – miss out.

If that’s not you – then there isn’t an issue.

But – if it is – please do take action now. I keep bonus packs low for two reasons – the first is that I don’t wan’t the tactics being diluted.

The second is that I often sell products which contain bonuses.

Check out Wookie here: Go here now:

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