[GIFTS] Gifts And Coaching Announcements

Hey Internet  – I just wanted to update you on two things.

Firstly – I have an AMAZING gift that I will be e-mailing you tomorrow. I’ve spent most of the week working on it – it’s a complete exclusive – and the only way to get it, will be with tomorrow’s email.
Secondly – i am about to announce the first of my coaching groups for 2014.
Typically, I only take on a handful of people each time – and I only run the group a few times a year.
As such – the best way to find out more and to get on the early bird list is to go here:
You will also find an amazing video shot in Malibu from one of my private clients – talking about the difference I’ve made to his online business.
Go here:
All the best,
PS – Don’t forget to look out for my ‘gift’ email tomorrow!

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