come at me, bro!

Come at me, bro!

Robert here. Looks like I ruffled some feathers with my last email. Got some responses that said I was being a “hard ass.”


Business isn’t all about glittery unicorns and cute kitten farts. Your potential clients aren’t going to pay you for being a “nice guy” or a “nice lady.”

They have their business on the line. That means they want to see results and will pay the local consultant that gives them those results.

Period. End of story. So when I shoot an email telling all of our subscribers about our DareDevil Essential Biz Training: 3 Steps to a 7 Figure Local Consulting Business in 2014 we’re holding Tuesday and a few people get butthurt because I’m speaking the bare, naked truth then I can’t be bothered to give a damn.

Because sometimes we all need a swift kick in the ass. You do, I do, Ryan does…everyone does at some point.

And when we’re giving you a blueprint that will take you from “zero to hero” (or for many of you already out there kicking ass and taking clients, from “hero to even BIGGER hero!”) and plus some free software that will become instrumental in how you do it.

You’ll also learn…

– The exact method to land $5,000 clients on almost complete autopilot. 

– How to create a 7 figure business in 3 steps 

– How to find better and easier prospects to sell to 

– What the most profitable products are to offer your prospects 

– How to to provide more value to your customers and (get paid better too) 

Only 1,000 seats are available and they WILL fill up quick. 

CLICK HERE to grab your seat NOW and remember to bring a pen and paper to take notes and write down questions. 

Also, show up 10 minutes early to make sure nobody else snatches your seat, since that’s been known to happen too. We’ll be on a couple of minutes early to shoot the breeze and talk about what we’re doing these days as well.

Be there or be “effing” square.

Always got your back, 
Robert & RyMac
DareDevil Marketing

READ THIS: I’m not playing scarcity BS games with you. This WILL fill up with 1,000 attendees.

Are you going to miss it? If so, ask yourself what’s more important than getting a blueprint to a 7 figure offline consulting business AND free software to help you accomplish it.

And when you realize that almost nothing can be more important than that, CLICK HERE to grab your seat NOW.  

4840 Forest Dr. Ste. 6b-141 , 29206, Columbia, United States
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