[CLOSING] Backlinking Strategy – Less than 24 hours / New gifts / Update

Closing in 24 hours / New Gifts.

For the past weekend, I’ve been recommending Walt Baylis’s Hydravid because it allows you to get backlinks from video sources.

To sum it up – it does this by making your videos unique (physically and in metadata) protecting you from duplicate penalty slaps.

This is a REALLY important – nothing else out there does this.

Beat the price rise: http://sbenn.co/jWbxtH/

When you combine it with the fact that you can upload to multiple accounts on the same site (e.g. YouTube, Metacafe etc) – this is a serious time saver. No more logging in and out.

IMPORTANT: In around 24 hours – the launch deal ends and the price increases drastically – to just under $100..

So – if you’re interested in getting on board – now is the last chance to do that.

You can get access to bonus pack 4 as well, which also includes (by insanely massive demand from people) – the exclusive Hangout on video traffic strategies with Walt on Tuesday.

You can find out full details of pack 4 below the F.A.Q…

Beat the price rise: http://sbenn.co/jWbxtH/

The Hydra Video Backlink FAQ: FINAL 24 HOURS…

Right – onto the FAQ for Hydravid!

1) Can I use Multiple YouTube Accounts?

Yes, and this is something that I was personally excited about. I have multiple Youtube channels, and when I started, having multiple accounts was the only way to do this. There are still good reasons to do this – after all, do you want a connection between your meditation niche and your cupcake recipe videos?

Not having to login and out makes life a lot easier – and not having to pay extra for this is what really attracted me to Hydravid.

2) Are the videos seen as duplicate content?

No – although there does seem to have been some confusion over this. After all, uploading the same video, time and time again is only going to harm your results. It’s pretty easy to detect duplicates by computer (as opposed to humans checking)…

Hydravid allows you to sidestep this issue by making your videos physically different.

3) How are videos made physically different?

Hydravid literally can ‘spin’ new content onto the end of each video – and do it automatically, saving you a huge amount of time.

4) What about Meta Data?

Being able to spin the title and meta data is just good practise – and is a really important feature to have. I don’t think I need to say more on this!

5) What do you think to the Interface?

The application works on both Mac and PC – which is great. As such, the interface is designed to suit both styles and it does this well. My big issue here would be that the Mac icon looks AWFUL – really blurry. however, I’ve let Walt know and he supports things in way that would shame many others…

6) How quick is the process?

This is one of those ‘ball of string’ answers – it depends on the workload you set – number of sites etc, and how fast your machine is. However, what I can tell you is that this is by far the quickest way to upload video. I’d estimate at least a 4-6 times speed increase versus doing this manually. Plus – the time it is running, is hands off, which isn’t the case if you do all this yourself.

7) What other video sites does Hydravid work with?

Metacafe, Vimeo, Daily Motion among others

Bonus Pack 4.
  • Exclusive: Video Traffic Strategies Hangout with Walt Baylis to be held next Tuesday. No one else has this – this is your only chance to get access to this milestone Hangout. A ton of exclusive content and behind the scenes strategies. – worth $60
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  • Or
  • Niche Tube Conversions (Niche marketing with video and social media) – Worth $36
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  • Facebook Conversion Strategies Worth $40
  • The most important webinar from my Masterclass (webinar video replay) – Normally $199 a month
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  • My complete Evil Marketing video series – worth $100
  • My 2 Hour Cash Machine System (video training) – Worth $40
  • My Complete Instant Cash systemWorth $40
  • My ‘mega Graphics Pack’ – 4 graphics packs worth $72
TOTAL Value: Over $810 with multiple exclusives.

IMPORTANT: Please note – once bonus pack 3 has sold out – I will send out a new email – letting everyone know. At that point, 2 items will be removed from the current bonus list to make ‘Bonus Pack 4’

Beat the price rise: http://sbenn.co/jWbxtH/

Instructions: Click below to find out more about Hydravid and grab a discounted copy (it’s on a dimesale) – then simply send your receipt to Chris – his address is dude@stevebenn.com and let us know:
Your preferred email for your username to access the training, bonuses and Hangout Invite.
That’s all there is to it. 
Look forward to seeing you on the Hangout!
All the best,

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