17% – 22% Sales Increase System…

Digital Steroids for your website? I’d have to say yes.

Over the past few days, I’ve been testing out just how much scarcity timers can increase sales.

The short answer is – they do – to the tune of around 5% – 8%.

Like many people, I wondered if you could take it further – more importantly – how could you take it further?

Well – what if you made the countdown timer personal to the visitor – so the countdown is unique to them.

They visit your page for the first time – then their own countdown timer begins. That personalisation adds another few percentage points to your bottom line. 
Here is where ‘Scarcity Demon’ really adds another 10%…

Once the timer runs out, there is a final offer where the visitor is given just 5 minutes to make the purchase.

This really cuts through the procrastination and makes a huge increase to sales.

I strongly recommend you go here:

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